The (First) Big Day Has Arrived…

Good Morning to all. They just wheeled Laura back to the OR. She was understandably nervous. Both our minds were eased after a couple of people told us that Dr. Yap was the best. Her procedure will begin in the next few minutes.
For those that are praying Please pray that:

  • Laura will remain physically safe as she goes through the procedure
  • Dr. Yap will be at her best as she operates
  • Laura be emotional and spiritually strong and at peace as she will endure many physical changes
  • I can lead and love her well through this process and lay aside my own selfishness and desires to serve her
  • Our marriage grows stronger through this process.
  • Our children will cope with not being able to receive the type of attention they are use to from Laura due to her recovery process
  • We cling to Christ and grow deeper in our love and devotion for Him through this process.

We are resting in the sovereignty of God and trusting that at the end of this trial, we will have a great testimony of His grace to share with others.

I will add an update to this post once Laura is out of recovery.

In His Grace,



Laura is out of surgery and resting in her room! Dr. Yap said she did very well and did not see anything abnormal during the operation. They will get Laura up and moving in the next few hours and get her something to eat. 

Thank you all for your prayers this morning. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

One surgery down…one more to go!

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