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Welcome! We are so glad you took a moment to stop by our family blog. To give you a little background on us, we met while dancing with a Salsa company in Laura’s hometown of Knoxville, TN. We started out as friends. We eventually were paired together as dance partners and the rest as they say is history!

We were married on January 15, 2011 in Knoxville. Since then we have had a beautiful life together. Not every moment has been filled with joy, but we have learned to rejoice in all things because we believe that our Good Father knows what’s best for us. During our marriage we have been blessed with the opportunity to be parents and stewards to our boys Titus and Asher. We also look forward to the day when God will expand our family through the wonder of adoption.

You might be wondering why our blog is entitled “Beautiful In Time”. As part of our wedding we had a video presentation that showed our lives through pictures. There were pictures of us individually, which led to the video culminating with pictures of us as a couple. The video closed with the scripture that you saw on the home page of our blog. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11a, ESV)

We used this verse to highlight the beauty of our coming together as man and wife. Little did we know that it would become a verse that we live by. Through the pains and joys of life we have learned that the Potter is shaping our lives into a beautiful vessel. This process is not always easy, but in time we have learned to see the beauty of God’s design.

This blog will be our way of connecting with you and giving you an opportunity to learn more about our story as we journey through life. We thank you once again for taking the time to stop by and trust that in time you will see the beauty that life has to offer!

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