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Our adoption process is going to be very long and difficult one. It will take up to two years (or more) and we will need to secure $35,000+ in funds to bring our daughter home. We are confident in Christ that he will give us the endurance and the means to walk this road. We know that this grace from Him will come through our family, friends, and maybe people we do not know to make our dream a reality. To that end we invite you to partner with us.

Here are some ways you can partner with us:


  • Pray for us to have the strength and stamina to endure the paperwork, the waiting, and the inevitable disappointments that will come throughout the adoption process.
  • Pray for our Colombian family. Pray that they are safe and well cared for while we are working to get to them. Pray that we get matched with them at the appointed time.
  • Pray for our adoption agency, Lifeline Children’s Services. Pray that as an agency they have the grace to continue to do good work in Colombia. Pray that they can shepherd us well through the process of getting our Colombian family.
  • Pray that, by God’s grace, we can secure the funding we need to finance our adoption. Pray for many to open their hearts to us financially, and most importantly pray that we be faithful stewards of all monetary gifts.


We will be implementing fundraisers throughout our adoption process, but most will happen within the first year of our process as much of the $35,000+ we need for the adoption must be paid within the first year. If you would like to give us a monetary donation outside of our fundraising efforts here are some ways you can do so:

  • For online giving please send a personal message to request our usernames for the Cash or Venmo apps.
  • For gifts through traditional mail, please send us a personal message for our address.
  • We will also, with joy, accept any donations you would like to give to us in person.

All donations will be placed in a special savings account that we have created and designated specifically for our adoption. We have created a “Financial Accountability” page on this blog to show how we are using the funds we receive. It will be updated throughout our process.


We recognize that our circle is limited, but there is power in a shared story. Please consider keeping up with our blog throughout this process and sharing our story with your personal network. By doing so, you will expand our reach and potentially open up opportunities for others to partner with us.

Please know that whatever you choose to do, it means the world to us. Every prayer, every dollar, and every share will go a long way in helping us bring our Colombian family home. Thank you for your time and consideration. It means the world to us!

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