Financial Accountability

The journey to our daughter will be a long one and it will require that we depend on the generosity of others to bring her home. Recognizing that, regardless of amount, it is a sacrifice for you to lend us your financial support, we want to be as transparent as possible regarding the money we receive. On this page, we will be posting the fee schedule that we receive from Lifeline Children’s Services. As we receive money and eventually use it to make the necessary payments, we will show you where your money is going and when we are using it.

It is our hope that our openness will inspire confidence in you that what you have given to us is being used for the purpose you intended.

Colombia Fee Schedule:

Agency Fees:
TypeAmountDate Paid
Application Fee$300.0011/20/18
Lifeline Fee A$3,562.5012/5/18
Lifeline Fee B$3,562.503/16/19
Lifeline Fee C$3,562.504/12/19
Lifeline Fee D$3,562.50
Total In-Network Agency Fees$14,550.00
*Note* These fees include the Home Study, Post-Adoption Services, and other admin fees for Lifeline
Third Party Fees (Estimated)
TypeAmountDate Paid
IAAME Fee$500.0012/5/18
File Translation$1,500.004/12/19
US Visa (1 Child)$350.00
Foreign Program Fee$1,000.004/12/19
Dossier Translation (Due with FEE C Above)$1,500.004/12/19
Foreign Program Fee 2 (Due with Fee D Above)$2,000.00
Post Adoption Translation (Due with Fee D Above)$500.00
Foreign Program Fee 3 (Due before travel)$1,000.00
USCIS Update$500.00
FANA Administration and Attorney Fees (Due with Fee D Above)$3,100.00
Third Party Fees Paid Directly to Third Party:
TypeAmountDate Paid
Fingerprint Fee$172.001/28/19
Medical Reports for home study$4002/18/19
Passport Pictures (8 Copies)$120.003/16/19
Passports for two parents$110.002/28/19
Citizenship and Immigration Service Fee (includes fingerprints)$945.004/5/19
Prepare and Enrich$35.0011/30/18
NCFA Parent Training$195.0012/8/18
Travel Expenses to Rooted in Love Conference$300.001/25/20
Dossier Apostilles (sent to Secretary of State)$125.004/4/19
Birth Certificates (1 copy per parent)$30.002/25/19
Marriage License (1 copy)$30.002/25/19
Psychological Evaluation$1,300.002/18/19
FedFx Fees (Dossier sent to Lifeline)$38.594/11/19
Estimated Out-of-Pocket Pre-Placement Fees$11,920.00
Out-of-Pocket In-Country Adoption Fees
TypeAmountDate Paid
Representative Fee/Legal Fee (Note: Could increase up to $6k based on home requirements)$2,500.00
Medical Exam (1 child)$200.00
Birth Certificate and Passport (1 child)$300.00
Copies of Authentication of Adoption Decree$100.00
Estimated Total Out-of-Pocket In-Country Fees$4,900.00
Out-of-Pocket Post-Adoption Services
TypeAmountDate Paid
Attorney Fees/Court Fee/Birth Certificate Fee$480.00
Court Report for Re-adoption$50.00
Total Out-of-Pocket Post-adoption Fees$530.00
Travel Expenses (Based on 3-6 weeks in-country w/ 2 parents 1 child. Could increase with 2 additional  children traveling)
TypeAmountDate Paid
Airfare (tickets for two adults and two children)$2,000.00
Airfare (one child)$600.00
Travel Visas for two adults and two children$600.00
Estimated Transportation$1,500.00
Estimated Hotel Accommodations and Food$5,000.00
Total Estimated Travel Expenses$10,900.00
*Note* Totals will increase if matched with a sibling group of 2

If you have any questions in regards to what you have seen above, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us!

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