Counting Down The Days…

“Are we crazy for doing this?!” That is the common refrain in our house these days while we are frantically running around like chickens with our heads cut off. The to-do lists shrink and grow. Tasks that seem simplistic become chores. In the past, time seemed to creep as we waited, but now time is flying as we prepare to travel.

Yes, we said “travel” because in 11 days we will be getting on a plane to fly to Colombia to adopt our daughter. The over three years in the process have built toward this moment. The paperwork, the trainings, the fundraising, the praying, the ugly crying and slobbering…all for this moment.

Happiness is the overwhelming emotion that pervades our thinking, but if we are being honest we also experience some fear. “Did we make the right choice?” “Will she accept us as her family?” “Will her trauma be something we can handle or will it be too much for us?” “Are we ruining our family?”

These real, raw emotions cycle back and forth in our hearts and minds from moment to moment. But the thing that keeps us going is knowing that WE HAVE BEEN CALLED TO THIS. Though we feel wholly unequal to this task, we also know that God equips the called. Each and every step along this journey, God has affirmed that He is with us and He is for us. Even when it came down to booking our plane tickets. In a moment of need we asked for help from our community to get a few more Delta Skymiles to pay for one of our plane tickets. In that, God showed up big through the love and concern of our community and even strangers. It was yet another way that He affirmed that He is with us in this journey.

So now, with the big burden of booking travel removed, we turn our attention to leaving and to preparing for meeting our daughter in person. She doesn’t know yet when we are coming, but we will get to tell her on Friday. 12 days from that conversation, she will be in our arms.

All that is left is highest praises to the One who has never once failed us!

How Can You Be Praying For Us?

  • Please be praying for us as we physically prepare to leave. There are many little things here and there that need to happen and it can be overwhelming to keep it all straight. The most pressing need is that our Visitor Visas have yet to be approved. Pray that the Colombian Consulate here in Atlanta reviews and approves our visas before we leave on January 30th.
  • Please be praying for all of us spiritually. Adopting another child is a monumental and culture shifting event for a family. It will be a big change for all five of us. Pray that God, even now, is preparing all of our hearts for this transition to be one family unit. Ultimately pray that He be glorified in our family.
  • Finally, pray for our daughter. In our most recent conversation with her, she expressed her heart about her concerns with transitioning to being a part of a family. These concerns were not negative, but simply things that will be different for her in shifting from living in an orphanage to living as part of a family. She is a deep well of emotions and she has been hurt tremendously. It will take a lot for her to trust us. Pray that she would be open to trusting us, and that we would honor that trust by caring properly for her heart. Her healing will be a long process, but God is able!

We will wrap this post up for now, by saying thank you for continuing to walk with us on this journey. As we get closer to travel and as we are in country, we will not have as much time for blog updates. We have created a private Facebook group where we will share quick updates throughout build up to travel and while we are in country. If you are not already following along, but would like to, just shoot us a message.

We are almost there! As always…we will keep you posted!

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