Here as it is in Heaven (Our Maverick City Tribute)…

If you have been following us for a while you know that our adoption journey has been a long one to say the least. We first applied to adopt in November of 2018 and had our paperwork approved by Colombia in October of 2019. So for those keeping track, we will have been in this adoption process for about three years and we have been dossier approved for two years. Needless to say, there have been some difficult times in the waiting over these last couple of years. That is why we are eternally grateful for the music and ministry of Maverick City Music!

If you have paid any attention to our social media feeds over the last year or so, then you should have noticed many posts about Mav City and the songs that have ministered to us. SUNDAY we are going to see them live in concert! So, as a tribute to them, and as a way to shed light on how God has used them in our lives we wanted to highlight a few of the many songs that God has literally used to speak directly to us and encourage our hearts in moments of need!

The Story I’ll Tell

I have to give credit to Laura for first discovering this song a few weeks before I really listened to it, but I first posted the song in October of 2020. We had been dossier approved for a year, had only seen one referral, and were getting nothing but discouraging news about our adoption due to COVID-19. “The Story I’ll Tell” was a sweet reminder from our Good Father that one day we would look back on the pain of that season and see His hand at work through it all. That song gave us the courage to call for a season of intentional prayer from our family and friends. It was this season of prayer that gave us the courage we needed to press on.

Most Impactful Lyrics: “Believing gets hard, when options are few. When I can’t see what you’re doing, I know that you’ll prove it, You’re the God who comes through. Oh but I know, that over the years, I’ll look back on this moment, and see your hand on it, and know you are here.”


It didn’t take long for Mav City to be on heavy rotation in our house. Shortly after first hearing “The Story I’ll Tell”, we heard “Promises” for the first time. This song y’all! Whew! Talk about a Pentecostal shout! From day one “Promises” has been a word from the Lord to us. Every time we have listened to this song over the past year, it has been a reminder that God’s word is true and that He will be sure to perform it…including bringing our adoption to completion.

Most Impactful Lyrics: “God from age to age, though the earth may pass away, Your word remains the same. Your history can prove there’s nothing you can’t do. You’re faithful and true. I put my faith in Jesus, my anchor to the ground. My hope and firm foundation, He’ll never let me down!”…”I’ll still bless you!”

Wait On You

There have been moments when God seemed to literally be speaking directly to us through certain Mav City songs. While we both love “Wait On You”, this song broke in and shined so much light on my soul and gave me a significant feeling of peace when I needed it. It was as if God slapped Dante and Chandler upside the head and said “sang these words to Keith!” When I needed patience, THIS SONG is what God used to help me pump the brakes and rest in His sovereignty!

Most Impactful Lyrics: “I know you ordered every step, yeah you are the author. There’s no predicting what is next, but you hold the future. And all the questions they come second, to the one I know is true. You’ve always been true! I’m going to wait on you!”

“You should just wait! Instead of tryin in your own strength, you should just wait! Instead of calculating what will go wrong, you should just wait! My steps are ordered by the Lord, I should just wait!

“I see it now! So much better when I wait on the Lord! Speak to my heart! Speak to my ambition! Don’t rush be patient! Just wait on the Lord”

You Hold It All Together

There was a moment when we were in the valley of decision and the stress of the moment was weighing on both of us, but especially on Laura. In crying out to the Lord, one day, she asked Alexa to play Maverick City Music instead of requesting a specific song and this song came up. In listening to the words of this song repeatedly that day, Laura gained the strength she needed to trust in the Lord and to rest in His sovereignty. It was the right encouragement at the exact right time. She was reminded that her confidence was to be in God’s goodness and not just whether circumstances had good outcomes in our eyes. She was also reminded that if we truly trust that God is writing our story, then we aren’t capable of messing it up.

Most Impactful Lyrics: “I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord. I’m confident as seasons change, Your faithfulness remains. God of my present, God of my future, You write my story, You hold it all together.”

God Will Work It Out

This song has more recently ministered to our hearts as there were some last minute challenges that came up before we could be matched. The truth that God is sovereign is a difficult one to grapple with. That said, the truth that He is working for us and that He has our best interest in His heart is comforting in the face of the storm!

Most Impactful Lyrics: “Pushing past the fear, fighting to believe, He is making ways for me. And he won’t let me down, never ever leave, He’s still making ways for me. When my heart is full of doubt, it feels like faith is running out, I’ve come to far to turn back ’round”

“Be still my soul, be still and know. Lean in, take hope, in God alone!”

Closing Thoughts

There are so many more songs we could list in this post, but these are just a few that have really ministered to us. You will find these on repeat in our house! We are not sure if anyone from Maverick City will read this, but if you do, please know from us that we are eternally grateful for your ministry. Thank you for letting God use you to motivate, inspire, and encourage so many. Your songs have inspired us to keep pressing forward in our adoption process. We pray that God continues to bless your ministry in the days and years ahead.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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