This Seems Familiar…

Greetings all! Just wanted to provide a quick update about where things stand with us since we have not posted since March. As a family, we are good. Everyone is healthy and we’ve been having a good time this past spring and now during the summer.

Life Updates

The boys wrapped up Spring Baseball. Both of our guys helped their teams do well during the season and in the post-season tournament and were blessed enough to be chosen to play for their respective league all-star teams!

Post-Game with their All-Star Medals

We also had some friends bless us with some sweet tickets to a Braves baseball game!

Third base line in the Infinity section. Great view…hot…but great view!

Recently, we went on a weekend getaway to St. Simons and Jekyll Island, Georgia to hang out for a bit…

There is plenty more to tell y’all about, but the last thing we’ll mention is that I, Keith, turned 38 on June 25th. Me and Laura were able to sneak away for our first date in well over a year. It was fun to have some one on one time and to actually be in a movie theater again!

Adoption Updates

Things are basically the same for us. We are still waiting for a match and at this stage are having to renew some pieces of paperwork (again) to keep everything current. We have to update our home study, our psychological evaluation, and our USCIS Immigration paperwork aka our I-800a.

We have a few appointments scheduled over the course of this week to get the ball rolling on these updates. If everything goes well, we should have all of our updates completed by September. One of the key reasons for these updates is so that we can adjust our age range from 0 to 6 years, 11 months, to 5 to 11 years, 11 months.

How You Can Be Praying For Us

  • Please pray that we are diligent in the getting things done quickly as these updates are time sensitive. Our biggest challenge is that updates are cumbersome when there is no end game in mind.
  • Please pray that we are diligent in teaching our boys how to be more helpful around the house and how to be more thoughtful about how their actions can help mom and dad. This will be crucial when the day comes for us to integrate a new family member/new family members.
  • Please pray for wisdom, peace, and patience as we wait for a match.
  • Please also pray for God to equip us as we wait to be the parents that we will need to be for whomever He chooses to bring into our home. The gravity of what we are attempting to do sits heavy on us from time to time. We know we are gonna need His grace to accomplish this calling. Please pray for our boys too as they will need His grace to be good siblings, but also understand that they won’t always have mom and dads undivided attention.
  • Finally, and as always, pray for our Colombian family. We do not know who they are, but God does. Pray for his grace to be on full display in their lives and that they be revealed to us soon.

That’s all for now! We will post again once we have wrapped up all of our updates on our paperwork. We continue to be thankful for your support! Until next time!

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