Standing in the Need of Prayer…for One Less..

Greetings all! If you have clicked on to this post, thank you so much. We know this adoption journey has been long. Trust us we know! But the fact that you are reading this means that you are still walking this process out with us, and for that we are grateful!

Brass tacks…COVID-19 has been tough for a lot of people in a lot of different ways. It’s been especially difficult for those in the international adoption process. There are families that we know of that are in the process for China that should have long since completed their process, but due to travel restrictions are still waiting. For Colombia specifically, COVID-19 kept a lot of families that were matched before the pandemic started or matched during from traveling. Fortunately, Colombia’s borders have opened back up and now many families have gone to Colombia to get their children, and some have even made it back. We know of several families that are traveling very soon. This is VERY good news considering where things were even a month ago.

So where does that leave us?

We are in the exact place we were pre-COVID–waiting on the match. The reality is that for families like ours, there has been a significant delay. The courts in Colombia have only recently began functioning as normal since the shutdowns in March. In that intermittent time period, many children have come into care in Colombia. The challenge was and is that abandonment decrees for these children could not be processed because the courts were on hiatus. So we (and other families like ours) had less chances for a match.

So why are we writing this update?

A year ago on October 9th, we became dossier approved by the country of Colombia. Two years ago next month, we began our adoption journey. November is National Adoption Month. We began our process in November of 2018 for many reasons, one of them because of the significance of November in regard to adoption. So here’s the ask. We are asking those that have been with us on this journey to stand with us in prayer starting now, but specifically in the month of November. We would like you to pray with us that God would make one less orphan by granting us a match.

What prayer is not?

So the danger with a specific prayer focus is bad theology about prayer. Prayer is not about getting what we want from the Father. God is not a magical genie.

What is prayer?

Prayer is pouring out our hearts to God and ultimately seeking to align our will with His will. So we ask you to pray with us because we want His will to be accomplished with our adoption.

Prayer can be specific.

With that said, we have heard on several occasions throughout this adoption process that prayer can and should be specific. We want to be matched and it is our hope that we be matched soon and specifically in the month of November. We will be praying for this and we ask you to pray the same.

What if the match doesn’t happen next month?

The thought of this is very difficult for us to fathom. We would certainly be disappointed if November came and went with the answer from the Father being “not yet”, but we would also know that it is His will for our lives and for our daughter. In that case, we would not question God and we would not be deterred from our goal because as we said before prayer is about aligning our will with His. But we are not worried about that right now. Right now, we are standing in faith and hope that you will stand with us.

How will this work?

If you will be standing in prayer with us, we are asking that you make a plan for prayer. It could be once a day; it could be once a week. It could be for a minute; it could be for an hour. However you feel led, please block off a specific time period on your calendar to pray for our adoption and specifically that we be matched before the end of November. Please feel free to let us know as you pray throughout the month because we would certainly cherish the encouragement. November 8, 2020 is Orphan Sunday. On that day we will be fasting from social media (and potentially from food) to pray for orphans in general and specifically for our adoption. We invite you to join us in fasting on that day, but it is certainly not required. Your prayers throughout the month of November would be so greatly appreciated.

How You Can Be Praying for Us?

  • Please pray that we be matched in November. Our hearts so long for our daughter and wanting to know who she is. For a lot of reasons, the timing of a match in November makes so much sense. We truly hope God will be gracious to us like He was to Hannah in granting her a child after a season of persistent prayer (1 Samuel chapters 1 and 2)
  • Please pray that we continue to trust God if we are not matched in November. We know from experience that God does not always answer prayer in the way we want Him to. Should He chose to stay His hand, He is no less kind. He is no less good. His will is perfect. Pray that we trust Him.
  • Please pray for our daughter. Her mother, her father, and her brothers desperately want to get to her. But until God joins our hearts and hands, she is an orphan. Please pray for her physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Pray for her caregivers. Pray that her little heart has peace.

Ephesians 3:20 states that God “is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.” We are praying that God will shock us with his abundant grace in these next few weeks. We know that our world is chaotic right now. We know that of the billions of needs and concerns, ours is just one. But we also know that we have a BIG GOD who is in tune with the prayers of His children. We do not take lightly this ask, but we do ask…will you join us?

As always we will keep you all updated with our progress. It is our hope that updates will be more regular because we will have a bunch of good news an activity to report. Thank you as always for sticking with us!

Resources as you pray:

Orphan Prayer Guides

Songs of Encouragement

Here are a few songs that have encouraged us at different times during the last two years of our adoption process. We encourage you to listen to one or all of them and use the time while you listen to pray:

Specific Prayer Points for Colombia

  • Pray for ICBF as they serve the orphans of Colombia.
  • Pray for Lifeline Children’s Services, the Lifeline Latin America team, and other agencies as they work to connect children and families.
  • Pray for FANA and other casas and Colombian foster families as they serve orphaned youth.
  • Pray for the children that are in care: those that will be adopted and those that will not be.
  • Pray for the government of Colombia as they manage COVID-19 as well as current political unrest.
  • Pray for families that are in the adoption process as they manage paperwork, waiting, and eventually travel and the post-adoption process.
  • Pray for the in-country adoption workers as they manage care for children and families that are traveling.

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