Out of our Hands…

The title of this update is a little funny because this whole process has always been out of our hands from a spiritual perspective. From a natural perspective, we are happy to report that OUR DOSSIER IS AT FANA!!!! What this means is that our application for adoption is going to be reviewed within the next couple of weeks. We have been told by our social worker to expect questions from the approval board. Once this back and forth is completed, they will approve or deny our dossier. A generous estimate of the length of this process is about a month, so by God’s grace we hope to be approved and at the matching stage by November!

How You Can Be Praying For Us

  • Please pray for the Adoption Committee at FANA. Pray that they see our heart and that they find confidence in us as an adoptive family.
  • Please pray that there not be a lot of back and forth, but that they would quickly review and approve our dossier.
  • Please pray that we continue to have patience as we wait for their answer.
  • Please pray for us to rest in God’s sovereignty as we look forward to the matching process that will ensue soon after dossier approval.
  • And, as always, pray for our little girl(s). We feel so close to being able to see her/their faces and our hearts are so desperate for them to be in our arms.

We will definitely let you all know once we hear about our approval. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Updated Adoption Timeline

  • 11/13/18 – We submitted our pre-application to Lifeline
  • 11/20/18 – We submitted our official application to Lifeline
  • 12/21/18 – We had our orientation interview phone call
  • 12/31/18 – We had our first home study interview (in-home visit)
  • 1/22/19 – We had our second home study interview
  • 2/12/19 – We had our third home study interview
  • 2/18/19 – We had our psychological evaluation (required for adoption)
  • 3/19/19 – We mailed our I-800a to Lifeline
  • 3/27/19 – Our home study was finalized
  • 3/29/19 – Lifeline mailed our I-800a to USCIS
  • 4/1/19 – Our I-800a was received in the “lockbox” and we sent our FBI fingerprint results to DC for federal apostille
  • 4/5/19 – FBI documents apostilled and sent to Lifeline
  • 4/10/19 – FBI documents received by Lifeline
  • 4/22/19 – We had our fingerprint appointment with USCIS
  • 5/16/19 – USCIS approval received
  • 10/3/19 – Our dossier was sent to FANA for review

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