We’ve Been Busy…

So…this blog is coming out a few days later (and by days we mean weeks) than we promised, but for good reason. Once again we have had a flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks. To start, we submitted our I-800a application to US Immigration. The purpose of this application is for us as an adoptive family to officially declare our intention to adopt internationally to the US government. We were blessed to have our application accepted and were given our I-797 which is an official notice of a fingerprinting appointment. Our appointment for these fingerprints took place on April 22, 2019. We had to travel to the other side of Atlanta, in morning rush hour traffic, to get our fingerprints done. Our appointment went smoothly and now we are waiting for our application to be assigned a case officer. Once we have an officer, we hope, that we will be approved and that will be the last document we need to be able to send our dossier to Colombia!

Speaking of our dossier, we mailed it to off to Lifeline on April 11! The word “relief” is an understatement. So much time and effort was put into collecting all of the different documents necessary to put the dossier together. We were so happy to get it done and definitely took some time to celebrate such an important accomplishment. Right now we are waiting for our dossier to be translated. Once this is done, our agency will then be able to send it off to Colombia for review once they hear from US Immigration!

At FedEx right before we mailed off our dossier!

Once we completed the dossier we turned our attention to applying for grants to help with the continued cost of funding our adoption. This is an arduous process as the various organizations ask a lot from adoptive families to determine eligibility for grant money. We are happy to report that we have heard back from two of our applications so far and will be sharing details soon. Needless to say, we are thrilled. To have an organization believe in us and our hope to adopt is humbling and confirmation that we are following God’s will for our lives.

Through all of this we have continued to make payments towards our adoption expenses. Our updates can be seen on our Financial Accountability page.

How You Can Be Praying for Us

  • Pray that our dossier is translated in a timely manner and that we hear back from US Immigration sooner rather than later.
  • Pray for wisdom as we have been asked by our agency for our desire regarding how we want our dossier submitted (more on this in the next post). Our choice here may result in $3000 in additional fees towards the cost of our adoption.
  • Pray for us to have the stamina to continue applying for grants and for grace and favor in the eyes of those reviewing our grant applications.
  • Pray for us as we have a adoption fundraising yard sell coming up on May 18th.
  • Pray for us as a family as we continue to walk through this process.
  • Finally, pray for our daughter(s). Pray that they be kept safe physically, mentally, and emotionally and that we be brought together soon in God’s appointed timing.

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