Love Knows No Distance…

Love. What is love? With today being the first day of February, many people tend to think of love in the romantic sense. Love, however, has many definitions. As we think about bringing our little girl home, there are two definitions of love that really resonate with us.

The first definition that comes to mind is “agape” love. This love speaks to God’s overwhelming and immeasurable love for us. His love is perfect, it is pure, it is unconditional, and it is sacrificial. His love was perfectly summed up in the person and work of Christ. The second definition of love that comes to mind is “storge” love. This love refers to the deep affection that forms amongst a family; the bond that is formed between parents and their children.

Christ, in His love for us, went to great lengths to bring us in to right relationship with the Father. He left heaven and all its glory, to enter into humanity. If that weren’t enough He gave up His life so that sinful humanity could be redeemed. There was no distance that was too great for Him.

In becoming parents, we have truly seen the love of family play out in our own lives. Our boys have taught us what it means to love significantly and sacrificially. It’s been an amazing journey, but we believe we have so much more to give and more room in our hearts for more children!

This brings us to our t-shirt. We chose the phrase “Love Knows No Distance” because it perfectly encompasses both of these definitions of love. When we read this phrase it brings to mind the perfect, pure, unconditional, and sacrificial love of Christ and the deep affection we have for our children and future adopted daughter(s). For us, our love transcends cultures, it transcends borders, and the many miles we will travel. There is no amount of paperwork, or processes, or difficult times that will keep us from our little girl(s)!

We’d love to invite you to join us in spreading this message by purchasing one of these t-shirts. The shirts are $20 a piece (with an additional $2 for XXL and XXXL sizes). If you are interested in purchasing, please comment below or send us a message with how many shirts you want to purchase, your desired shirt size, and address if you need your shirt(s) shipped (there will be be an additional $5 added for shipping). As a note we have chosen a soft-style shirt. It is recommended that if you are choosing between two sizes, that you choose the larger size. You can send payments to us through the Cash App ($echolsadoption), Venmo (@echolsadoption), Zelle, or you can hand us cash or a check in person.

Finally, while the message of adoption may not resonate with you personally, this message encompasses so much more. In a climate where so many are dismissive of others that are different, we’d love to (in some small way) shift the focus from what divides us!

It may be a big goal, but we would love to see 214 people purchase our shirt by 2/14, Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!

4 thoughts on “Love Knows No Distance…

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  1. Hi! I would like to order 2 shirts. We live in NM anyway we can get them by next Friday? We leave for our Encuentro date on 2/11. Would love to wear them on our way.


    1. Hi! Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately today is the first day of the fundraiser and we are pre-selling the shirts to place an order in a couple of weeks so they won’t be ready. Sorry! Congrats to your family!


  2. I am definitely placing an order for 1 shirt, size XL. Do I stop by Wells Fargo and send the payment via Zelle to this echols family address online address? Thanks


    1. Hi Alberta, I’m sure you could go to the bank and do it. You can also go through the Zelle app from your phone if you have it. If you did so, you would just need to look up “Keith Echols”. Our picture announcing our adoption is my profile pic. Thank you so much for your support!


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